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Pipe Exhaust

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Pipe Exhaust

What Is a Straight Pipe Exhaust System? Pros, Cons & Cost

Find out what a straight pipe exhaust system is and how it can affect your performance. Learn about the pros and cons of having a straight pipe.


We love cars that make loud even though they are harmful to our ears.

There is just something about them that excites our senses as motorheads.

The flutter of a turbo, the whine of a supercharger, or the grumbling of a straight pie exhaust can always turn heads. Since these sounds are so desirable, car enthusiasts spend loads of money on acquiring turbos and superchargers.

One way to acquire a great sound of your car is getting a straight pipe exhaust, but what is really a straight pipe exhaust?

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What is a straight pipe exhaust?

A Straight Pipe Exhaust is as its name suggests, a straight exhaust system without mufflers or a catalytic converter. Straight pipe exhausts are often loud, really loud. This is why they are usually found in racing engines and performance vehicles.

These exhaust systems let exhaust gases flow freely from the engine, allowing them to go into the atmosphere directly through the exhaust tip.

But are there other advantages other than a great sound? Lets find out!

Straight Pipe Exhaust Advantages

There are many advantages that come with a straight pipe exhaust system:

1. Increased Performance: The biggest reason that many people opt for a straight pipe exhaust is that these systems enhance your car’s horsepower. These systems reduce back pressure from the engine, allowing exhaust gases to flow freely and help the engine perform without hindrances.

2. Aesthetics: Straight pipes also make your car stand out in the crowd if someone looks under your car. You can apply a chrome finish to the exhaust tip to make it look appealing. Various types of welding methods are used to give beautiful colors to the tip. Furthermore, you can go for a twin-pipe setup for an even better aesthetic.

3. Engine’s True Sound: The straight pipe exhaust system lets out the true sound of an engine. Since there are no restrictions like a muffler and a catalytic converter, the car sounds raw and pure. However, you might have to rethink starting your car early in the morning as that would definitely wake your neighbors.

4. Less Weight: Catalytic converter and mufflers weigh a lot. If you are a bit into racing, you know that weight of your car is a bad thing. A straight pipe exhaust weighs much less than the original exhaust.

5. Better fuel economy: A lot of people don’t know that by removing the mufflers and catalytic converter, the engine will create less backpressure. This means that you will get a lower fuel consumption with a straight pipe exhaust.

Straight Pipe Disadvantages


Just like everything else in the world, a straight pipe exhaust system has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us to decide what to sacrifice and what to gain.

1. Not Cost-Effective: Straight piping is expensive. Complete New pipes are not cheap and hard to come by for a good price, so there is a trend for custom-built exhaust pipes. Furthermore, after you opt for a straight pipe exhaust system, you often have to tune your vehicle according to certain standards to get the most out of it.

2. Rampant Emissions: Yes, straight pipes make the best sound, but they are not great for the environment. In the late 20th century, catalytic converters were introduced to vehicles to counter the effects of pollution caused by cars. When you straight pipe your car, you remove the catalytic converter, which is really bad for the environment and exhaust emission tests.

3. Often Too Loud: Sometimes, the only reason motorheads go for a straight pipe setup is that they want their car to sound loud. They don’t realize that straight pipes can make their car extremely loud to the extent that starting and driving one in a suburban neighborhood could warrant police attention. Enthusiasts that go for such systems usually only drive their cars on race tracks. So, if you are lucky enough to have a race-track in your city, a straight pipe setup would be a great inclusion for your vehicle as you will be able to test it to its limits.

4. Difficult to sell: Your car will be difficult to sell with a straight pipe exhaust installed, so always keep the original system to install it back later on your car when it is time to sell it.

How Much Does a Straight Pipe Exhaust Cost?


A straight pipe exhaust cost totally depends on what type of car you have and what type of exhaust you want.

If you can weld yourself and are willing to destroy the original exhaust pipe system, it will get a lot cheaper. Remember that it is good to have the original exhaust if you want to sell the car.

A normal straight pipe exhaust for most cars costs 200$ – 600$ depending on your car model. Expect a labor cost of 100$ – 200$ if you want a professional to install it.

If you want really high standard exhaust pipes made of titanium, you will have to spend even more.

You can check the products down below for straight pipe exhausts.



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