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How Does a Downpipe Increase horsepower and what is a downpipe?

Purpose of having a downpipe ?

Downpipe from most factory will have at least one catalytic converter, due to cleaning the exhaust gases which environmental friendly. But these factory downpipe will restrict the power outflow. If you are looking forward to add more power in your vehicle or if you have installed a turbocharger in your vehicle, there is a solution for you to increase the power. Which is install a downpipe to your car. Downpipe can direct the exhaust gases through the rest of the exhaust system by the turbine housing.

Why Should You Look For Aftermarket Downpipe?

An aftermarket downpipe usually larger in diameter and it either use a catted or catless configurations. Which able to create more power to your vehicle because it with high flow unit which allowed the turbo move gases away from the turbine more efficiently.

Two types of aftermarket downpipes.

Aftermarket downpipe with two type which are with high flow catalytic converter (catted) and non-catalytic converter (catless).

What does a catalytic converter do? It helps to cleans the exhaust gases when it passes through the catalytic, so the smell of raw exhaust fumes will be eliminated. On the other hand, the catless (without any catalytic converter) will smell the raw exhaust fumes as it does not filtered by the catalytic.

Is it legal to change an aftermarket downpipe?

There are illegal in some countries of changing the aftermarket downpipe even though it is with the high flow catalytic converter. So before you plan to install an aftermarket downpipe, you should study the laws of your state or country would you pass local or state emissions.



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